Friday, May 12, 2017

Tea Time ~ Prom and Mother's Day ~ 5/12/17

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or your favorite drink
while I share a few things that made me smile this week :)


~Kaylee's Jr. Prom was last Friday evening.  Her date was her wonderful boyfriend Shawn.  I had a great time helping her get ready and taking pictures.  I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast.  For more pictures, click HERE.

~I was sitting on my swing one day this past week and Laken brought me a flower :)  She loves picking flowers no matter how many time I tell her to just let them grow.  I sat the flower, an azalea, on the arm of my swing and I was struck my the colors.  My swing is, of course, my favorite color and the pink of the azalea with beautiful :)

~My Aunt Donna and I have been walking 3 nights a week (at least when it isn't raining!).  Laken and Dex (my cousin's little boy) usually walk with us.  I took my camera along one day to get some pictures of nature.  I just love a pretty picture of a road.  It strikes my imagination :)  And look how green everything is getting!  I love it :)

~I read a really good book this week.  It is a cozy called "Every Trick in the Book" by Lucy Arlington.  I read it over the course of one day!  I got really caught up in the mystery :)  Be watching for my review!


~I'm really excited for Mother's Day!  My husband and girls always take me out to lunch after Church.  I just need to decide where I want to go this year.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's reading this :)

What made you smile this week?

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day as well. I am not sure what we are doing yet. I love the color combo of the flowers and the teal (which is my favorite color as well!)

  2. The book looks interesting. I might try to track that down.

  3. You're right...that flower against that blue wood is stunning! How sweet, the photo of your daughter in her Jr. prom dress. Yes, they grow up way too fast!

  4. I love pink and blue together - love that photo! Good for you for getting some walking in, and what a nice area to do so. I've not heard of that book or author, but a capi9tvatijng book is always a fave for me. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. what a sweet prom picture. our hugh school is very large ( thismyear's senior class which is what my youngest is has 447 kids graduating on June 24...their prom is May 19 in a comvention center to the city north of us). Our junior prom is the BIG one...a Hudson Rver cruise for three hours and all the girls wear long gowns). when i grew up in a small town in central NY the prom was in the gym.
    i love taking walks too and how fun to bring,your camera!

    pretty pink flower! how special your girl brought it to you.

    happy mothers day!!

  6. Happy Mother's Day. We have three mothers in the house this year, Mum, my daughter in law and me.I'm not sure what we're doing apart from going to church :) No doubt I'll find out.
    Lovely prom photos, the kids grow up so quickly.


  7. Your daughter looks beautiful. My son had his prom last year. I'm glad we took some time to find out about it all before hand. We arranged to have a wrist corsage made for his 'date', just a friend, at the florist with a permanent bracelet to keep. He's the only one to have done that, I think it really added something special. Her parents arranged for a car (old fashioned) to pick my son up and drive on to collect her. Although we contributed, I think everything finished off the school years in a nice way. Cathy x

  8. Special times for your daughter. She looks lovely. Love road pictures. I always wonder what is up ahead. That looks like a fun mystery.

  9. I love walking in the evenings which is when my husband and I usually walk. By the time we get out though, it's too dark to take photos.
    I love a road too--and your green is beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day (yesterday!)!

  10. The book looks like an interesting read, it would probably take me several weeks to finish though, free time is at an all time low recently!
    Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday


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