Monday, May 22, 2017

Stardust Melodies CAL Block 1~ Begin the Beguine ~ 5/22/17

Block 1

The Stardust Melodies CAL is hosted by Polly Plum's Posse and can be found at  .  All the blocks (both free and paid) will be based around a classic song.

There will be 12 free pattern that will be released on Mondays and 12 paid patterns that are released on Thursdays.  I decided that I'm only going to crochet the free patterns but will be making 4 blocks of each pattern in 4 different colors.

As I started the first block, I didn't see the pattern emerge right away but as I continued on it became clear.  This is just the Begin the Beguine block without an edging.

I also decided that I would add 2 rounds of edging, one in cream and one in mushroom.  I want my finished afghan to be fairly large and adding the border will give me even more dimension.

The block itself was easy to make but the first was a bit tedious, as there is counting throughout.  1, 1-2-3.... over and over.  As I made the second, third and especially the fourth block, I had the pattern down pretty well and was able to watch Property Brother and House Hunters while making it :)

I had never hear of "Begin the Beguine" before this CAL, so I had to youtube it.  I really liked the Ella Fitzgerald version.  Enjoy:


  1. Love your squares lovely colours and have now played Begin the beguine more than once, not heard it before but really like it.

  2. Wow! The texture on that square is awesome! I am going to pop over and check out the CAL. Don't forget my Granny-Spiration Challenge! We'd love to have you link up as your work on this CAL. Next challenge goes live Sat, June 3rd :)


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