Monday, December 7, 2015

Make it Monday ~ Twilight Mobius in Pixie ~ 12/7/15

Laken was with me while I was yarn shopping and this yarn caught her eye.  Who can blame her, right?  She asked me if I would make a scarf for her with it.  I said, "Of course!"  hehe
It is Red Heart Boutique Twilight in Pixie and took 2 skeins.

I used THIS free pattern from the Stitchin' Mommy.   It is a chunky yarn and worked up very quickly.

The colors were fun to work with.  It really is no wonder Laken liked the yarn :)

I like to make Mobius scarves so that they aren't constantly falling off.  Especially for Laken.  It is easy for her to wrap it around her neck and then forget about it.

Have you used Twilight in any of your projects?  I'd love to see!

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  1. Oh this mobius scarf is just so cute! I do love them, too cause they're so comfortable in use and seem to me much more warmer. Though a lot of my co workers at love classic scarfs and I really can't get why cause this one are really more comfortable.

  2. Oh what fabulous colours - it does look very snuggly!

  3. That looks ever so cosy, what pretty colours

  4. I have not (before this post) heard of the Red Heart Twilight yarn. I like this color and how it worked up in the scarf.


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