Thursday, December 27, 2012

TT ~ Resolutions ~ 12/27/12

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New Year's Resolutions.

I don't really do resolutions.  I like to call them "goals".  I have a few goals for 2013.

1.  13 in 2013.  Run, walk, skip, jump or drag myself through 13 "5K's" in the next year.  You can see more information under the "13 in 2013" tab at the top of my blog.

2.  Read the Bible through in 2013.  This is a goal I am sharing with some of the other members at my Church.  If you'd like to join in, I have the first 3 months schedule already listed on the Church blog I am creating.  I think we're going to have a facebook group to help encourage each other.

3.  Open my Etsy shop back up today and stay caught up on orders.  I also want to dust the sewing machine off and add some more sewn items to my shop.

4.  During slow times with the shop, work on creating a nice inventory and have a booth at Homecoming in October.

5.  Stay current on my Bible Study and set aside quiet time each day for prayer.

6.  Get my house organized and strive to keep it that way.

7.  Try to have at least 4 family sit-down dinners a week.

8.  Get back to having a "Family Movie Night".  Lately Doug and I have been using it to get caught up on DVR'd shows instead of watching a movie for the whole family.

9.  Continue with my weekly calendar to keep me on track with each day's tasks as well as keep up with my blogging notebook.

10.  I joined into a few reading challenges for 2013.  You can see them under the Challenges button at the top of my blog.  I want to stay current on my review books and then read from my TBR pile.  I will see where that gets me with the challenges and then somehow try to fill in the blanks.

11.  Re-establish the "once-a-month-date-night" with the hubby.

12.  Get Laken through Kindergarten and get Kaylee through 7th Grade :)

13.  Fitness Friday Goals that I still need to work out and will share more on that post.

Wow!  I had more than I thought but really most of these I already am doing to a certain extent.  It is all about planning and my handy-dandy calendar.  I color-code it, BTW :)  Pink highlighter for bloggy things, blue highlighter for appointments, yellow highlighter for Church events, orange highlighter for school events.

It is so fulfilling at the end of the day to look and see all my tasks crossed-off!  I do use pencil, though, because it is all about flexibility and sometimes I need to move something to another day.

Looks like I have some scheduling to do....

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  1. Love this post! Great goals and am keeping this post unread on my reader to come back to when I have more time to read.

  2. Lists are my favorite. I love crossing things off.

  3. I have an issue with lists. I never realized it until my husband saw a sticky note on my laptop and promptly said "You know that this is a lists of LISTS TO MAKE, right? You know that's a little ridiculous?" :/ Eh...

  4. I love lists too. It feels so good to be able to look at all of the accomplishments of the day/week. Even if some of them are just things like: "yell at kids to get off the lawn for no reason.", because we like to keep it a little foolish around here.


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