Monday, December 3, 2012

I Remember Christmas ~ Christmas Tree Ornaments ~ 12/3/12

December 3 ~ Christmas Tree Ornaments

Did your family have heirloom or cherished ornaments?  Did you ever string popcorn and cranberries?  Did you family make Christmas ornaments?

The only cherished ornaments my parents had when we were growing up were the ornaments that my brother and I made each year in school.

Now my Mom has a few ornaments that will become heirlooms.  She has a large nail ornament to represent Jesus being nailed to the cross.  It really means a lot to her.

In my house, we use the extra little silver bells from our Wedding Day to decorate the tree.  Instead of rice or seeds, we had our guests ring a little silver bells that had our names and date on it as we walked out of the Church.  The ones that were left over are very special to us and I enjoy seeing them each year as we hang them on our tree.

We started a tradition of getting our daughters a special ornament each year to commemorate something that is special to them at that point in their lives.  The idea is that when they move out and have their own tree, they will have their ornaments to decorate it, but I don't know if I'll be able to part with them!

Each year as we decorate our tree, we look at each ornament and talk about how old each girl was that year and why it was special.  Last year, we got my oldest daughter the prettiest silver flute ornament and my youngest a Hello Kitty.  Some of the other ornaments are basketball, kindergarten, first Christmas, horses, butterflies, soccer, a stuffed bear, ballet slippers etc.

We always surprise them each year with their ornament but they don't read my blog so I can tell you about them :)

This year my oldest is getting the neatest "Journal" ornament.  She loves to write stories and draw and her favorite things in the world are composition books, tablets and journals.  I was so excited to find this customized ornament on Etsy.  The artist added "Kaylee" to the front and glitter.  She's going to LOVE it!

Unique "CHRISTMAS BOOK" Ornament keeps written memories of past holidays.....

Our youngest started Kindergarten this year so we got her a little snowman sitting at a desk from Hallmark.  It is as cute as a button!

Product View

As for stringing popcorn and cranberries, that is something we didn't do.  We did, however, make paper chains out of green and red construction paper.  That was always fun.  I've also done it with my girls for decorations.

I am so glad we're going to get our tree this weekend because now I'm excited to get all our ornaments out and reminisce!

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