Monday, December 3, 2012

Listicles ~ I'm Great! ~ 12/3/12

I was supposed to make a list of "10 Reasons I Am Great" but I just couldn't!  So, I asked my Mom why SHE thinks I'm great.  hehe
"10 Reasons Why My Mom Thinks I'm Great"

1.  I'm very compassionate.
2.  I'm supportive
3.  I'm generous.
4.  I'm loving.
5.  I'm beautiful.
6.  I'm smart.
7.  I'm faithful.
8.  I'm honest.
9.  I'm a good mother.
10.  I'm a good wife.

Gotta love my Mom!

Happy Monday!


  1. Great list! Mom's are awesome and always know why their kids are great

  2. Nice! It can be difficult to toot one's own horn, but moms are always willing to do that!! (Well, at least the great ones are.)

  3. Nobody knows you like our mom!! Love the new header.


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