Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Remember Christmas ~ Holiday Foods ~ 12/2/12

December 2 ~ Holiday Foods

Did your family or ancestors serve traditional dishes for the holidays?  Was there on dish that was unusual?

I would say that we mostly have had traditional foods for Christmas dinner.  The usual ham, potatoes, etc.  My Grandmother would usually add some kielbalsa in with the ham to bake while we were at Church.  One year we got to my Grandparents after Church and the kielbalsa had burnt.  It was delicious!  We still talk about how good that burnt kielbalsa was :)

A few years ago we started mixing it up a bit because we had been having ham/turkey for so many dinners in December.  The first year we had lasagna and garlic bread.  Then for the years following we had soup/salad/breadsticks, smoked salmon, deer roast and we haven't decided what we're having this year.  The deer roast seems to be a big hit so we might have that again this year since the guys have been fairly successful with their hunting.
One item that is always a must have is Pickled Eggs.  I personally think they are the most disgusting creation, but everyone else enjoys them.  (Eww!)   One year they were forgotten and my cousin who was a teen at the time was so upset that she refused to eat anything!  It is now a standing joke among us on Christmas Day.  They have never been forgotten since.

If you have any ideas as to what we should have for dinner this year, please leave a comment :)
What are some of your memories or traditions about Christmas foods?

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