Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fitness Friday ~ 12/28/12

Along with the 13 in 2013 challenge, I've also decided to participate in RunCrazy~Fit For Life's  "2013 - 365 miles in 365 days".

The goal is to basically complete one mile per day.  7 miles per week.  30 miles per month.  Or any increment you desire.  Any activity other than walking or running can be counted as 1 mile for every 15 minutes of activity.

My goal is to walk at least 10 miles per week so at that rate I SHOULD have no problem completing this goal.  I plan on keeping track of my miles on my Fitness Friday post each week.

I am so excited for the encouragement, community and motivation these two groups are giving me.  I'm ready to get started :)

Are you?

Daily summary:

Fri, 12/21/12 - Chilly but nice to get out and walk.  Dist. = 2 miles / Time = ?

Sat, 12/22/12 - Traveled to VA and back for a Family Christmas Dinner and quality time :)

Sun, 12/23/12 - Walked around town caroling with my Church family and friends!  It was cold but we had so much fun being silly and singing our hearts out!  Dist. = 1 /  Time = 60ish mins.

Mon, 12/24/12 - Christmas Eve morning walk before I had to start cleaning the house.  Not long after I got back, these huge snowflakes started flying and before long we had 2 inches.  Dist. = 1 mile / Time = ?

Tues, 12/25/12 - Christmas Day after presents, before family dinner walk.  It was cold, but I warmed up quickly.  Dist. = 2 miles / Time = 42 mins.

Wed, 12/26/12 - Northeast Snowstorm and I felt like crap!  I haven't had this much sinus pain in years!

Thurs, 12/27/12 - More snow.  Recuperating and recovering...

Total Miles This Week:  6 Miles


Weighed in for starting weight.  Felt like crawling back under the covers!

1st Goal = T - 10 lbs



  1. I love the 365 miles challenge! That goes so well with the 13 in 2013 challenge.
    Sorry about all the snow. We have the same problem up here in North Dakota.

  2. Got to love winter and all the snow this year :(

  3. That's a great goal! I love challenges like that to help keep us accountable.


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