Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update on My Dad

The antibiotics have done their job and my dad's white blood count is down drastically.

However, the CAT scan he had today shows that the cause of all this most likely originated in his gall bladder.

His gall bladder is abscessed and has also caused a portion of his liver to be abscessed as well. 

I very briefly looked it up online to see what that meant.  I've learned over the years not to look too deeply into online diagnoses and prognoses.  I didn't want to read more than I can handle right now.  Just enough to get the basic "What is it?".

So, they transported him this evening by ambulance to the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA.  My mom was allowed to ride in the ambulance with him.  The nurses were surprised that they let her, but I'm very thankful.

I had to be home to get my daughter off the school bus and I just haven't figured out how to be 2 places at 1 time.  If anyone knows how to accomplish this, I'd love to know.

My mom called just called to say that they got there and the surgeon had been in. They want to get the infection down more and will probably try to drain it before they would try to do the surgery.  So I guess the surgery won't be tomorrow.

Dad keeps telling Mom, "Don't worry."  Yeah right.

My cousin lives 15 minutes away from the hospital so Mom can go over there for the night if she wants but I think she'll probably stay at the hospital.  She would have to stay in the waiting room all night, though.

Please, pray for my dad. 

Please pray for me.  I want to be there with my mom and dad so much it hurts.  But Doug has to work and I have the girls.

Pray for Mom.  She's not used to being in such a big place especially not alone.

I'll update more, when there is news.

Thanks for the prayers!


  1. Of course we'll pray for you! I hope things look up soon. Maybe someone can watch the girls for you overnight or something? If not, I am sure your mum is well looked after in the hospital. Nurses are ususally well aware of family members and very helpful with blankets and tea etc, so I am sure your mum is not totally alone without you.

  2. I'll be praying for you and your family---gentle hugs to you!


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