Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cloche Hat and Fingerless Mittens

Kaylee wanted me to crochet her a hat and picked out the pattern.  It is "Floral Cloche" from Crochet Today, but she didn't want the flower.  I had to add a few extra rounds due to the previously stated big-headedness of my girls.  lol 

The yarn she picked was Red Heart Super Saver in "BonBon."

It actually comes down farther over her forhead and ears.  She has it pushed back a it in the picture.

Next, she wanted some fingerless mittens to go with it.  No problem.  I'd been wanting to try making them anyway.

I used the pattern found at Bethany Sew and Sew.  Except we decided we liked them better without the "thumb".

Next, this is one of Kaylee's BFF's, Brianna.  She's such a sweetie!  When she saw Kaylee's mittens, she asked Kaylee if she thought I would make her a pair.  Of course!  My pleasure.

Kaylee said that Brianna's favorite color is blue and then helped me pick out the yarn to use.  She decided Brianna would probably like the Red Heart "Ocean" best.

This is Kaylee modeling Brianna's mittens.  She hasn't given them to her yet.  Today is a "Snow Day".

Little Sis had to get in on the action.  She's a little droopy-eyed on this picture.

It so much fun making things for others.  Very rewarding.

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  1. Those are great! You did a fantastic job...and can I just say your daughter has great taste in Steeler jerseys!! ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been wanting to try the fingerless gloves too. I appreciate the pattern.
    How sweet of your daughter to choose what her friend would like. I love the hat too..

  3. I agree, love making things for others. Also, I love when other children want something to 'match' something I've made my girls. One winter I crocheted several similar hats to Kaylee's but mor cap-like, and with whopping great flowers on because my girls wore theirs to school and their BFFs wanted similar!
    I also think that it says a lot when your own child goes to the effort of thinking of her friend, saying she'd like such and such, and then choosing the makings. Its good for a child to really consider another child's likes. If that makes sense...

  4. Lovely, and they will remember your kindness in years to come, I'm sure. Good memories.

  5. Love the hat, and those fingerless mittens are so cool! My girls would have loved something like that, especially my younger one who just liked to get "into things" with all ten fingers.

    And can I say that little sister peeking out made me grin before you even introduced her? So cute.

  6. Super cute! Thank you for sharing with Fibers on Friday!

  7. Well done! They are so cute. And I understand the big-headedness! LOL It runs in our family.

    Good luck to your Steelers this weekend. I'm a Baltimore native - so that was a big step for me. ;)

  8. Oh these are cuuuuute! Wish my mama had made me and my bff some when I was little, lol!

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!


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