Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sharing Our Testimony

This week our 1st Place leader gave us an assignment.  Sharing our testimony.

She didn't leave us hanging with no direction, though.  She gave us a list of questions.  One for each day of the week.  After answering all 7 questions, you can then compile your answers into an essay form.  Your testimony.  My testimony, I should also say.

So, I thought I'd share the questions with you today so that if you so desire you can answer one question a day or all in one day for your own written down testimony.

You can then use it to share with others, if you choose.

Here are the questions:

-Sunday:  Where was I born, to whom and what kind of childhood did I have?

-Monday:  How old were you when you first remember hearing about Jesus and who told you about Him?

-Tuesday:  Did your family know about Jesus and what were their feelings about Him.

-Wednesday:  How and when did you come to realize that you wanted Jesus to love you?  When did you realize that you wanted to love Jesus?  And how did you go about loving Him?

-Thursday:  When were you baptized, give details:  where, by who, what kind of day was it and who was there?

-Friday:  How involved were you when you first became a Christian?  How often did you attend church and what services did you perform, if any?

-Saturday:  How involved in the church are ou now?  How do you share your faith?  Do other people know that you are a Christian?  How can they tell?

I'll be working on these questions this week and hopefully I'll be able to share my testimony with you next week.

How about you?  Are you willing to share your testimony with others?  Sometimes it is much easier to hid our lights under a bushel as the children's song goes.  But let's not do that.  Let us let our light shine for all to see.

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  1. It is indeed good to reflect on these things and remember all the God has done in our lives. Then share it with others, so they will be blessed. It sounds like you are in for a great week!!!!

  2. This is pretty comprehensive! I've seen some blogs having a 'My Testimony' tab at the top- you're next! Its going to take some writing for you
    My problem is that I can't remember when I was born it was so long ago!!

  3. My testimony of Salvation was recently published in the current issue of Above Rubies Magazine, under the title, From Suicide to Sanity. Many people have e-mailed me and several women commented on how "brave" I was for sharing this story. It can be a little intimidating sharing incriminating details about your life with strangers, but my only intention was to show that no matter how "bad" we are, the Lord can cleanse us and make us clean.

    I look forward to reading your testimony! (P.S. Mine is in a tab at the top of my blog as Heckety suggested).

  4. I've never seen this method of developing your/my testimony before, but I really like it! Thanks for the encouragement to let my light shine!!

  5. These are interesting questions to ask ourselves. Thank you for bringing them to our attention.


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