Saturday, January 22, 2011

Movie Review: "Downton Abbey ~ Episode 2"

Downton Abbey

Synopsis as per

Episode 2:

As Matthew and Isobel, the newly-arrived Crawleys settle into life in the village, Isobel offers her experience with modern medical techniques at the hospital, to the considerable consternation of Violet. Both Matthew and Mary bristle at the prospect of being matched to one another; still, Matthew indulges Mary's clever barbs even as a suitor in the form of Evelyn Napier is invited for a foxhunt, accompanied by the handsome attaché at the Turkish Embassy, Kemal Pamuk.

Downstairs, secrets reflect the ambitions, shames and desperate hopes of the servants, as housemaid Gwen tries to hide the contents of a heavy box set atop the wardrobe in her room; Carson abandons his customary dignity as he skittishly raids the pantry; and Bates refuses to share the source of his debilitating pain to his co-workers. Their concern and camaraderie markedly contrast the festering discontent of Thomas and O'Brien.

A sinister stranger barges into the house, demanding to speak to Lord Grantham, and an attractive stranger captivates Mary before setting into motion a chain of events that put the fate of Downton Abbey on even less stable ground.

My Thoughts:

OK, the second episode I found myself more drawn in because I wasn't still trying to figure out who was who.

There is a lot of interaction between the staff.  Both friendly and unfriendly.  There was one occurance with Bates that was just plain hateful.  I love how Anna always wants to help him.  Anna is probably my favorite staff member.

The schemes of the staff become apparent as do their hopes and dreams.  Some want a life other than service and otherS just want to climb their way to the top stepping on whoever gets in their way.

As for the "Family", Mary has 3 suitors at her house at the same time.  Matthew, the heir, and then two visitors one of which is a handsome foreigner who captivates Mary.  Even, dare I say, compromises her.  gasp!

I won't tell what happens but I bet you will never, ever in a million years guess.  Unless you've seen it already and then of course you already know.

Meanwhile, Edith the middle sister, is casting her hook toward Matthew Crawley.  I don't even think he's aware.  Poor girl.  I'm always a sucker for the underdog.

Well, Episode 3 is on tomorrow night and I already have it set up to DVR.  I can hardly wait.

Of course it will have to wait until after the  Steelers vs. Jets Conference Championship game that is also on Sunday night.  GO STEELERS!

Have you been watching this mini-series?  What have you thought about it?

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