Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book Review: "Plain Pursuit" by Beth Wiseman

Daughters of the Promise Book 2


Plain Pursuit (Daughters of the Promise, Bk 2)

Book Description:

When Carley Marek takes a hiatus from her job, she leaves Texas and visits her friend Lillian in Amish country, Pennsylvania. Carley isn't there long when she meets Lillian's charming -but shunned- brother-in-law, Dr. Noah Stoltzfus.

When Lillian's stepson is stricken with a life-threatening disease, Noah is forbidden to intervene, but he resolves to do whatever it takes to save the boy's life. Carley finds herself caught in the middle of her feelings for Noah and her loyalty to Lillian. And to further complicate matters, everyone around her is talking about God--a God she doesn't know and who appears to be punishing her for her past mistakes.

When her hiatus is up, Carley must make a life-changing decision: stay and face the path that is set before her, or flee and leave the only love she's ever known.
My Thoughts:
You can read my review of "Plain Perfect"  Book 1 of Daughters of the Promise Series HERE.
It had been almost 8 months since I had read the first book of the series so I had to refresh my memory as to who the characters were.  It didn't take me long.
I enjoyed revisiting old friends and seeing how much change had occurred.  Carley is visiting Lillian and doesn't want to do anything to hurt their relationship or cause problems for her but she has some major issues with a few of the Amish customs.
Noah's character was very complex.  He kept me guessing and didn't always react the way I thought he would.  I liked that it didn't seem like other books that I had read.
Carley had big issues that she needed to deal with so that she could feel free to love Noah.  Noah was willing to wait for her but he was also angry at her for walking away.  These feelings seemed real and not contrived.
Another great book from Beth Wiseman.  I'm looking forward to reading Book 3, "Plain Promise".

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