Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crocheted Leg Warmers

My mom requested a pair of leg warmers.  A few years ago they were everywhere but now we can't find them anywhere.

So, I looked up a pattern and made her a pair.  You can find the pattern HERE.

(note:  this pattern is for size 9-11)

I crocheted while watching TV.  I made one per evening.  My mom is only 4'10" so I didn't have to make them very tall.  She also wanted to be able to pull her pant-leg down over them so I didn't make them so tall that they would get scrunchy.

Here is a picture of Mom modeling her leg warmers.  She wasn't thrilled, but I insisted it was a must for my blog!

As the pattern says, you can make them as tall as you want.  As I noted above, just be careful about the size.  You'll have to adjust for the individual.  There's no way I could get one of this size on my leg!  lol

These were fun to make.  It was even sweeter because I knew they were for my mom.

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  1. They're pretty. You are so good at these things. Your girls are so fortunate to have a mother that can do much.

  2. I like those a lot! The stitches look way good too. I should try it out...this Utah weather is making me freezing!

  3. Nice! I really need to knit some leg warmers, since my kids are crazy skirt wearers in the middle of winter!

    Thank you for joining us at Fibers on Friday this week. I hope to see you back again!

  4. You know, you have a good point. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen leg warmers in awhile.

    I've seen leggings and thermals and even knee high socks, but not the leg warmers. I'm sure they'll be back again eventually, lol!


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