Saturday, January 1, 2011

Movie Review: "A Christmas Snow"

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Movie Description:

Kathleen has carried around the unwanted memory of her father abandoning her and her mother on Christmas Eve.

For the past 30 years, she has blamed her mother for that night and refuses to celebrate Christmas in any fashion.

Although she has tried to forget her past, it has not forgotten her, and in the days leading up to Christmas she finds herself stuck in her own home with two strangers, because of an unforgiving blizzard.

As the storm brings her face to face with the hurts of her past, she will have to choose one path; letting go and grabbing hold of a life changing forgiveness or continuing to carry her pain and bitterness with her.

A Christmas Snow will challenge you to step out on the adventure of hope that waits for the heart that dares to forgive, as the storm of the century… brings the gift of a lifetime.

My Thoughts:

This was the last Christmas movie we watched for the season and I think it was the best.

It was unashamedly solely about the true reason for Christmas:  Christ.

I loved the "play" and also the scripture reading about Simeon.  That was truly what made this my favorite Christmas movie this year.

Throughout the movie I thought I knew what was going to happen but was completely surprised by how some of the details turned out.

This was a great Christian family movie about forgiveness and redemption and also about starting fresh with a new attitude for life.

I'm glad this movie caught my attention and that we watched it.  It was actually a few days after Christmas when we watched it and I think that made it have an even bigger impact on me.

If you didn't see this movie, make sure you do by next Christmas season.

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  1. I've never actually heard of it, but it sounds good, the sort of thing you want to watch actively!


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