Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Goals

At the beginning of Summer, I made a Summer Goals list. I did pretty well accomplishing all of my goals. Some were work some were fun.

I sometimes have difficulty adjusting to change. Even changes in seasons, although I love them! Making a Goals list at the beginning of the season somehow helps me to settle in and have focus.

I made my Fall Goals list a few days ago and thought I'd record it here and see how well I do by the end of Fall. Here goes!

1. Exercise 15 miles per week.
2. Stay current on my 1st Place study.
3. Finish Boomerang Blocks that are seriously late.
4. Finish quilting "Hornet Pride" quilt.
5. Help open a Charter School in Hyndman.
6. Preschool Laken.
7. Fall clean-up yard.
8. Plant Bulbs.
9. Re-organize pantry.
10. Stay involved in the Guardian Angel program regularly.
11. Get Christmas shopping done before December 1st.
12. Celebrate our 10th Anniversary 9/17.
13. Enjoy the fire pit and roast marshmallows.
14. Hike around Shawnee Lake.
15. Take Lilah to the lake or creek.
16. Harvest Party at Church.
17. Homecoming.
18. Fall Foliage Festival
19. Joy ride to see the pretty leaves.
20. Complete all my Fall Goals!

(I had to make it an even 20! lol)

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  1. Oooh, you've inspired me to post my fall to do list. Maybe it'll help keep me on track.


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