Sunday, September 26, 2010

Colletta's Christmas Cookie Try-outs

I've been inspired by the Houseworks Holiday Plan , my good friend Rhonda and Cris at Goodeness Gracious to embarq on what I'm calling:

The purpose of this endeavor is two-fold.

1.  To try-out some new cookie recipes (along with some familiar ones)

2.  To have 22 Homemade Christmas Gifts ready to be given to family and friends by the end of the Try-outs.

The concept is to try-out each of the 22 recipes found in the book "Gifts for the Cookie Jar" by Lia Roessner Wilson.

I will make one batch of cookies from start to finish to try-out the recipe and the finished product.  I'll make an additional "Cookie Jar" gift using the instructions provided and prettying up a Mason Jar.

I've already checked and these gifts will keep until well after Christmas, so no worries there!  Whoo!

Here are the Cookies:

1.  Spicy Oatmeal-Raisen Cookies
2.  Chuncky Chocolate Cookies
3.  Hearty Trail Mix Cookies
4.  Festive Cranberry-Orange Cookies
5.  Wholesome Peanut Butter Cookies
6.  Orange-Sugar Cookies
7.  Mocha-Chocolate Chip Cookies
8.  Rich Date and Walnut Cookies
9.  Lightly Spiced Raisen Cookies
10.  Peanutty Clusters
11.  Banana Nut Cookies
12.  Buttermilk-Raisin Cookies
13.  Holiday Honey-Spice Cookies
14.  Colorful Candy Cookies
15.  Malted Milk Crunchies
16.  Butterscotch Snaps
17.  Choco-Cranberry Nuggets
18.  White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut Rounds
19.  Walnut-Cinnamon Balls
20.  Deluxe Oatmeal Cookies
21.  Molassess Cookies
22.  Butter Pecan Delights

The goal is to get through all 22 recipes before Christmas.  That means I'll be making 1-2 different cookies per week.

By the end of this project, I'll probably be so sick of cookies.  Wait.  Is that possible?

We'll see.

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  1. I like cookies, and I like gifts. And I have a real oven in my truck to bake cookies. hint hint.
    Seriously, I am so glad you decided to go with this idea. I can't wait to see how it goes.


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