Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Review: "Along Came a Cowboy" by Christine Lynxwiler

"Pinky Promise Sisterhood, Book 2"

Along Came a Cowboy (Pinky Promise Sisterhood, Bk 2)
Book Description:

At seventeen, Rachel's illusions about romance were trampled by a rogue cowboy. In the fifteen years since, she's steered clear of spurs and Stetsons -- until she finds herself roped into chairing the Shady Grove Centennial Rodeo Committee. How will she handle working so closely with the one man in town she most wants to avoid?

Ex-rodeo star Jack Westwood never forgot his unrequited teenage fascination for Rachel Donovan, but now that he's back in town, he barely recognizes the woman she's become. Jack can't help but wonder... Is the feisty cowgirl he remembers still there beneath the shuttered exterior?

When a secret from long ago comes knocking, Rachel fights to maintain her sterling reputation. But can the woman who has devoted her life to healing others allow God to men her own hurts? Will she seize the opportunity to reconcile with her past and open her heart to love again?

My Thoughts:

I should have written this book review a lot sooner.  As it is I've read a few other books since this one.  I've had to refresh my memory a bit.

This book is a story about a young girl who makes a mistake then grows up thinking she has to be perfect in order to make up for that mistake.

I sometimes get this mind-set.  Thinking if I'm "good enough" my mistakes won't matter.

Thank God for His merciful grace!  When we come to repentance, He is faithful to forgive.  We don't "earn" grace.  It is freely given.

Of course, we should try our very best to live godly lives but we are human and are bound to mess up now and then.  Hard to believe as it is!

This was a great growing in grace story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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