Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review: "Stuck in the Middle" by Virginia Smith

"Sister-to-Sister" Book One

Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister)

Book Description:

Joan Sanderson's life is stuck. Her older sister, Allie, is starting a family, and her younger sister, Tori, has a budding career. Meanwhile, Joan is stuck at home with Mom and her aging grandmother. Not exactly a recipe for excitement -- or romance.

When a hunky young doctor moves in next door, Joan sets out to catch his eye. But it won't be easy. Pretty Tori flirts relentlessly, and Joan is sure that she can't compete. But with a little help from God, Allie, and an enormous mutt with bad manners, Joan begins to find her way out of this rut and into the life she's been hiding from.

My Thoughts:
This book was so much fun to read!  I don't have any sisters, so reading about the dynamics of sisterhood was really enjoyable.  The writing style was also very easy to read because it was so very much like real life.
I also loved the elderly grandmother side to the story.  It really made me miss my Gram though.
And who hasn't dreamed about a gorgeous, young doctor moving in next door?  Ken wasn't what you would typically think of as "a doctor".  He was very down-to-earth and sincere in his Christian walk.

This is another book that inspired me to exercise more.  Great for the "Fall Fitness Challenge" I'm doing.
This was a great read.  I have Book Two, "Age Before Beauty" on my TBR pile and am looking forward to reading it.

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