Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Weekly Weigh In ~ 4/29/20

This week went pretty well.  I stayed within my Smart Point limit for the week, having 11 Weekly Smart Points left.  If you aren't familiar with how the food points work with MyWW here's the quick run down:

I get 31 Daily Points that reset every day at 12am.  The goal is to stay within that amount each day.  Pretty simple.  Then there are Weekly Points.  I get 42 Weekly Points.  These can be used any time during the week for "extras".  This resets (for me) Friday morning at 12am.

The "theory" is that if I stay within my Dailies and Weeklies, then I will lose 1-2 pounds a week.

Then there are Fit Points.  They are points that you earn for activity.  You can set your Fit Point goal to whatever amount you'd like to strive for that week.  Right now, I have my Fit Point goal set for 25 Fit Points.  This past week I actually met my Fit Point goal and earned 26 Fit Points!  Whoohoo.

I fully intend to increase my Fit Point goal in the future especially now that I got a NEW treadmill!  It was on a flash sale so that helped me make the decision to take the plunge and buy one.  I'm really enjoying being able to get up in the morning and hop on the treadmill and get lots of steps in no matter the weather. 

My plan is to slowly increase my earned Fit Points until I'm comfortable enough to increase my actual Fit Point Goal.

Having said ALL that, I gained 1 pound this week.  Bah humbug!  I think I know what I'm doing wrong and that would be not tracking my snacks completely honestly.  Gotta work on that.  I'm hurting no one but myself.


On to the weigh in:

Highest Weight ~ 297.0
(re) Starting Weight ~ 4/8/20 ~ 283.4

Last Week's Weight ~  4/17/20 ~ 278.6 lbs

This Week's Weight ~ 4/24/20 ~      279.6 lbs

This Week's Total:    +1.0 lbs

Total:  -3.8 lbs
Grand Total: -17.4 lbs

I'm going to be weighing in on Fridays but will post my results on Wednesday of the following week.

I hope you follow along on my (seemingly never-ending) journey!  If you'd like to join in, let me know :)



  1. Good for you that you are on track with your weight loss, congratulations!

  2. I gained several pounds since staying. Not good, I know. I'll be weighing every morning to see how fast I can get back to normal. Good luck. Keep going!

  3. I am no longer doing weight watchers, I just coudln't keep up with it! But I hope to join you again on weigh in wednesdays! Maybe I will keep on it, I did great last year but I haven't done so well since!

  4. Scratch that blog addy :) changed it to a blog without my name on it! I look forward to following your journey again!


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