Thursday, April 9, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 4/9/20

A few sentences about each day...

April 1, 2020 - April 7, 2020

Wed/1 ~ This day was totally stinky.  Pennsylvania's governor made all counties "stay at home" today.  While I understand (and really don't need to go anywhere), I really am finding out how much I enjoy the freedom to just get up and go wherever I want!  Bah Humbug!

Thurs/2 ~ I was feeling very gloomy today.  Actually, the past few days.  This evening we went for a long walk as a family and I felt much better afterwards.  The sun was shining even though it was still chilly.  The four of us walked and talked.  We need to do this on a regular basis.

Fri/3 ~  I went on two walks today.  One was first thing this morning and another this evening.  I feels good to have gotten so many steps in and to get outside.  My plantar fasciitis is bothering me a bit from walking so much on it today.  Hopefully it feels better by morning.

Sat/4 ~ I cleaned my patio table so that I could sit on the deck and crochet.  Getting outside on the nice days is imperative to my mental health!

Sun/5 ~ This was our second Church "At Home" Sunday.  I'm starting to realize how much I take "normal" Church for granted.  It was a beautiful day so after lunch Doug and I went for a walk.

Mon/6 ~ It was gorgeous outside today.  It was sunny and 70F on the deck.  I spent most of the afternoon and evening at the patio table working on my current project.  In the morning, Doug and I went out for supplies and groceries it is so weird seeing people wear masks to protect themselves from getting the virus...

Tues/7 ~ Since Doug is off this week, we took the opportunity to clean out the Subaru and the Nitro.  We are horrible about keeping out cars cleaned out.  We also cleaned the trunks out.  It was way past due!

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  1. I believe that a lot of our stress over the pandemic guidelines is that we are not able to just go about our daily lives as we could before. I don't believe that being home more is a problem, other than we don't like being told we have too.


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