Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Work in Progress ~ 6/6/18

"Ashley's Afghan" has come a long way from my last Work in Progress post.  Here is where I was on May 16th, still working on the blocks:
And here is my progress of now:

You can see that the blocks are completed and I'm working on the border.

I'm not completely sure how I'm feeling about it :(

I still have three colors to go around the perimeter with. Then a row of cream and then ending with another row of cream shells.

I'm hoping by the end it will all pull together and look the way I want it to.  Otherwise, I'll be very disappointed...

What are you working on?



  1. It's lovely Colletta, the colours conjure up images of Mexico. Don't feel disappointed, I think when you step back from it and look afresh you'll see how beautiful it is.
    susie x

    1. Thank you! As I'm adding more colors to the border I'm liking it more :)


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