Friday, June 15, 2018

Book Review ~ Sandpiper Cove by Irene Hannon


Hope Harbor police chief Lexie Graham has plenty on her plate raising her son alone and dealing with a sudden rash of petty theft and vandalism in her coastal Oregon hometown. As a result, she has zero time for extracurricular activities--including romance.

Ex-con Adam Stone isn't looking for love either--but how ironic is it that the first woman to catch his eye is a police chief? Yet wishing for things that can never be is foolish.

Nevertheless, when Lexie enlists Adam's help to keep a young man from falling into a life of crime, sparks begin to fly. And as they work together, it soon becomes apparent that God may have a different--and better--future planned for them than either could imagine.

My Thoughts:
That is how this book left me feeling!
I absolutely adored reading Sandpiper Cove, the third book in the Hope Harbor series.  I've read the first two books of the series within the past few weeks so the characters and the setting were fresh in my mind.
While I believe this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would recommend reading the series from the start.  You will have a much better grasp of the characters involved throughout the series as well as the community of Hope Harbor.
I have to admit, I didn't know how a romance between a police chief and an ex-con would play out.  And that intrigued me!
The author does a wonderful job of creating Adam Stone's character into being one to fall in love with even though he has a checkered past.
Lexie has secrets of her own that haunt her past and she has to work through them as well.
This is a wonderful book and a wonderful series.  I can't wait to read more!  I believe there are a few more books to the series :)



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  2. Thanks for sharing this. Haven't seen this series before. Over from Mommynificent.

  3. Sounds like a great read. Thanks again for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this week.


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