Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ 8/28/17


Come join Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.

I'd like to take a minute to ask for prayers and good thoughts for my Uncle Charlie.  He was in a motorcycle accident Saturday and is in the hospital fairly banged up.  We visited yesterday and he is in a good deal of pain.  I'd appreciate your prayers!

The weather outside is::::

 It has certainly cooled off her in Pennsylvania.  It was downright chilly this morning!  I can definitely tell that Fall is right around the corner.

Prayers to all those who are dealing with the hurricane and flooding.

On my breakfast plate:

Special K Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
As I look around the house::::
The trusses are all up on the addition.  We ordered the metal roofing on Thursday and to our surprise it was delivered on Friday!  We weren't expecting the delivery until Tuesday.  Another week of hard work is on the schedule for the guys!

On today's to do list::::

Kaylee-Tennis Practice
Visit Uncle Charlie
Happening this week::::
Monday.... Work 8am-1pm, exercise, Tennis, visit Uncle Charlie
Tuesday...  Work 8am-1pm, exercise, Cats to the Vet, Tennis
Wednesday... Work 8am-1pm, exercise, Schedule for next week, Prayer Meeting.
Thursday... Work8am-1pm, exercise, Menu and Grocery List, 1st Tennis Match for Kaylee
Friday...  Off Work, exercise, Groceries, Laundry.
Saturday...  Weigh-in, exercise

Currently reading::::


This is the 3rd book of the Prairie Dream Series by Susan Page Davis.  I've actually read the first 2 boos of the series and really enjoyed them.  Really, I usually enjoy anything written by this author.

I'm slowly making progress on my Goodreads Challenge!
On the TV::::

I didn't get to watch any TV this week.  It was just too busy and I didn't get a chance to sit down and turn the TV on.  We're hoping to have a Family Movie Night this weekend.  There are a couple movies at the Redbox that we've been wanting to see.
On the menu this week::::

Monday - Ham, Fried Potatoes, Green Beans, Peaches
Tuesday - Weiner Winks, Mac-n-cheese, peas, oranges
Wednesday -  Cheeseburgers, French Fries, Corn, Apples
Thursday - Ravioli, Garlic Bread, Broccoli, grapes
Friday -  Pizza
Saturday - Bacon, Eggs, Toast
Sunday - Dinner at Church

What I am creating at the moment::::

Another week went by without even picking up my cross-stitch project.  I'm not surprised because I usually work on it while watching TV, and I didn't watch any TV this week...

Bible Verse/Devotional

“The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You."

Isaiah 26:3 NASB



  1. Thank you for your prayers for all of us here in Houston. I'll pray likewise for your uncle.

  2. I sure hope your Uncle Charlie will be okay. I will keep him in my prayers. And thank you for all the prayers for those of us down here dealing with Hurricane Harvey.

    I am so happy for your addition progress. That must make you feel so very happy.

    Have a WONDERFUL week.

  3. Hope your uncles has a quick recovery. Lots of movies on Redbox we'd like to see...I'll be curious to hear what you end up watching. Hope you have a great week!

  4. I hope your uncle is doing better. He is in my thoughts and prayers. We are getting hints of fall by way of cooler weather too. Looks like your construction project is ahead of schedule while ours is behind. Darn rain! Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  5. Wishing your uncle a speedy recovery! Fall is in the air here in NY too!

  6. Praying for your Uncle Charlie. May he heal quickly. And yes, for those in Texas as well. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through. Your menu sounds good to me. It’s so helpful when I make out a menu before the week begins!


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