Thursday, August 24, 2017

Book Review ~ A Wedding Date in Hot Springs, Arkansas ~ 8/24/17

   All Violet can think about is how to make sure she has a date for her little sister’s wedding. Online dating, speed dating, blind dates. . .she doesn’t care what it takes. And when that doesn’t work, she hires a matchmaker, only to discover that her “match” is her old college classmate. Violet didn’t like Jackson then and she sure doesn’t like him now. But Jackson has a plan: he’ll be her “boyfriend” at the wedding if Violet will be his “girlfriend” for his high school reunion. There’s just one small hitch—they still can’t stand each other!  

My Thoughts:
 This was another fun book to read!  Two fake dating books in a row :)
Violet REALLY didn't like Jackson and that made the story line all the sweeter to read.  Jackson seemed really shallow in the beginning of the story, but I loved getting to know him better.
Speaking of sweets, I love that Violet follows her dream instead of staying stuck in a career that she hates.  I'm a big proponent of loving what you do for a living.
This is the first book in a while that I've read where both the main characters are Christians.  Usually one or the other has spiritual issues that they need to work through.  This time it was just relationship issues :)

 Like I mentioned, this was a fun romance complete with matchmaker, dating contract, and obligatory first kiss!
You should check it out :)

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  1. It's never too late in the summer for another beach read! This sounds like a good one!

  2. A great review, I hope to get the opportunity to read it one day.

  3. Thanks for sharing this book review.

  4. I really love this cover, I'm a big fan of Hot Springs, AR, and everything you've shared about it sounds great! I will have to check this one out! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday on!


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