Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Family Time ~ The Christmas Tree ~ 12/13/16

 Saturday we went to our local Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our Christmas tree according to our tradition.  The Tree Farm has everything decorated to the nines.  It is a really cute place to visit.

We searched and searched and searched for the perfect tree.  It was soooo very cold and windy and snowy but that just made it all the more fun!

Finally, we decided on "the one".

The hubby set about to cutting it down.  It was quite the feat with lots of pokey pine needles close to the ground.

While Daddy was working away, the girls decided to go play with the miniature ponies.  They both adore animals.  I'm sure it was their favorite part of the excursion.

Finally, we got the tree home and set up in the base.  Here is a picture after the decorations were on the tree.  I wish I could capture the true ambiance of the lights glowing and the smell of the pine for you!

So, how about you?  Do you go out and cut a tree down, buy one from a lot or put of an artificial tree?  I'd like to know :)



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  1. I am your neighbor Rich Faith Rising and your tree is beautiful! We have always used an artificial tree due to allergies. If we were to go pick a tree out, I would rather look at the animals too! That is a great family tradition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We haven't had a real Christmas tree in awhile---how beautiful yours is. It seems so much fuller and I bet it smells so nice too!
    What a great family outing!!

  3. How fun for you all. We don't do the real tree thing. We have this artificial one from Target, going on maybe six Christmases now. But we love it anyways and I always turn it on when I'm home. I've been saying, "Hello tree."


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