Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three Things Thursday ~ Spring ~ 2/4/16
 Absolute Mommy & The Foley Fam are hosting a new linkup!
3 Reasons I Can't Wait Until Spring

1.  I can't wait to be able to go on walks with my family!

2.  I can't wait to see the flowers growing!

3.  I can't wait to swing on my swing in the yard and feel the sunshine on my face!

It is a good thing the Groudhog said that we'll have an early Spring!  I don't think I can wait much longer :)


  1. Flowers growing! Yes! It's my favorite time of year especially here in California. It's not too hot:) Thanks again for linking up with the three of us:) I've enjoyed reading your posts! Three Cheers for #threethingsthursday!

  2. Hi Colletta, and thankyou for your sweet comment of my blog, A Tray of Bliss. I'm happy to meet you! Mimi xxx

  3. We are dying for the warmth here in our little part of Utah too! Family walks have been non-existent and we are itching to get out for longer than 5 minutes without freezing our buns off! Great list! Bring on Spring! Thanks for linkin up with us! We appreciate you!


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