Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Time ~ Paddington ~ 5/12/15

I loved watching the TV show and reading the books about Paddington when I was little.  There was just something about the little bear with the clothes and hat.  Just thinking about it brings back warm memories.  I was excited when I heard they were making a movie from the books and show.
Have you seen "Paddington" yet?  If not, check out the trailer below.


We watched it for Family Movie Night and loved it!  (To see our essentials for Family Movie Night click HERE.)

I thought it would be fun to see what each Family member thought of the movie.  I'll go first:

This movie was laugh-out-loud funny.  It was also sad, intriguing, mysterious and heart-warming.  I was surprised by how much I liked this movie.  I enjoyed it entirely.

I liked it!  It is probably one of my favorites recently.  My favorite part was when the family worked together to save Paddington from getting stuffed. 

KAYLEE (13):
I actually liked it!  My favorite part was when Paddington completely demolished the bathroom. 

LAKEN (8):
It was cute.  My favorite part was when Paddington finally found a real home and family.  It was really funny when Paddington tried to use the escalator!  I liked the Chihuahua. 

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  1. I used to love paddington bear books when I was a kid.. this looks like a fun movie!!

  2. Paddington bear was just the sweetest and cutest :) ..... Good to see your whole family enjoyed it. Its one of my recent favorites :)

    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

  3. My son loved the Paddington books when he was little and I always enjoyed reading them. I haven't seen the newest film yet but I've heard very good things about it! Thank you for sharing your family's experience of it with us at the Hearth and Soul hop!

  4. My kids are still a bit young to read the books (2 & 3) but they LOVE the movie! Especially his "spot of bother with the facilities". I personally loved the filmography, thought it was interesting and unique. Thanks for sharing! www.lulukangaroo.com


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