Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family Time ~ Car Wash ~ 5/19/15

The hubby knocked another task off the honey-do list by running a water line out to the parking lot so I could wash the car without having to go through a car wash.  We got a new hose, bucket, car wash and a sponge so I would be good to go.

I should have gotten more than one sponge, because as soon as Laken heard that we were washing the car she grabbed up my sponge!  I really didn't mind.  That freed up my hands for the camera.

Of course, she wasn't satisfied with just washing.   She had to rinse, too.  Every time she would squeeze the nozzle the pressure would knock her back.  It cracked me up!

I bet that car got washed a total of 3 times that day.

It was a very hot day for Spring.  Laken "accidentally" turned the hose on herself.  "Accidentally".  Hmmm...

I felt bad doing a Family Time post without Kaylee being a part of it.  She was in her room.  Again.  She didn't "feel" like washing the car.  Below, you can see her poking her head out the door to see the progress.

I feel better now that everyone was included :)

Who knew washing a car could be so much fun!

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  1. Awww! It's really great to get to bond with your family, especially if you do simple things, like washing your car. Hahaha! I’m guessing Laken really liked it. Hopefully, Kaylee will soon participate, so that you all can do it together. In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best to your lovely family!

    Harvey Hamilton @ All Season Valeters


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