Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its OK ~ 8/9/12

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK

...that I've done not a single bit of housework today.

...for me not to feel like making supper either!

...that the laundry is piling up too!

...for me to love the new colors of my kitchen/dining room and craft room!

...that I also bought paint for the family room today!

...that I've decided there has been enough "neutral" in my life. enjoy COLOR!

...that I still have curtains to make to go with the new colors.

...for me to love the fact that I can actually move around in my craft room! love being organized! hope I can keep it this way  :)


Have a great Thursday!

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  1. I am so not making supper tonight. Not in the mood. And laundry at my house . . . today I just shut the laundry room door so I wouldn't have to see it.


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