Monday, August 20, 2012

Listicles ~ In the Car ~ 8/20/12

"10 Things You Will Find In Our Car/Van"

1.  A full or partial case of water.  I try to keep bottles of water in the car for when a sudden thirst hits one of us :)

2.  About 10 Happy Meal bags and scattered fries.

3.  Empty pop bottles/cans.

4.  Coloring books and crayons (sometimes melted).

5.  Sweaters and jackets from last spring.

6.  Fold-up chairs from Softball season.

7.  Probaby a few dishes (clean) from Church potlucks.

8.  Beach paraphanelia.

9.  A multitude of stuffed animals.

10.  If you are lucky, a seat.

Have fun!


  1. Sounds just like things you'd find in the van we had when the lovelies were coming along. The worse thing of all was when Birdie would leave her soccer socks in there overnight after practice or a game. That was some kind of rank smell! I still keep water in my car now and a pair of running shoes and socks-- you never know! The rest of the stuff is dog related. LOL

  2. I have melted crayons and beach gear in mine too. Great listicle!

  3. Seats are really not all that essential when the car is full of memories and scattered fries ;)

  4. I keep thinking that I should keep bottles of water in the car, and we did when we drove to California last year. It was lovely. Since then I have been too lazy to get more but it is a fantastic idea. Saves money from having to buy it at the gas station too. My car was a bottle graveyard until recently too. I t cleared them out and probably had a few dollars worth at least!

  5. Haha, at least the bottles of water are practical.

    David Stanton
    Youth ministry

  6. Love it! I have a case of water in my car too... it was to make bottles on the go, then we started using it for ourselves, now its for both :)

  7. A well used, well loved family entertainment center on wheels! PERFECT!


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