Monday, August 27, 2012

Listicles ~ Living in 2012 ~ 8/27/12

"10 Clues That I'm Living In 2012"

1.  I just have to say it:  THE CALENDAR!  LOL

2.  Everybody's nose is glued to their cell phone.

3.  My 5-year-old knows more about technology than I do.

4.  There are cars that park themselves!

5.  You can rent a movie out of a machine.

6.  The only reason my girls know who Elvis is was from watching "Lilo & Stitch".

7.  My girls are excited for me to come listen to this "new" song.  Yeah, it was new when I was young too!  But they don't believe me!

8.  They are also remaking movies that came out when I was little!

9.  The kind of bike I had when I was young is now back out as "retro".
10.  I got married in the year 2000.  This will be our 12th Anniversery in September.  2000 + 12 = 2012.  :)
Have fun!


  1. I enjoy the movie remakes and songs and bikes making a comeback ;) But it does make one feel old!

  2. Hearing the music and styles of the 80s that I listened to and wore in high school being referred to as 'retro' never fails to make me feel older than dirt.

    And there are cars that park themselves?! How did I not know this?

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    Funny how everything is now remakes of the original.

  4. The 80's are back in style. Welcome to 2012

  5. My daughter just called me in her room to listen to "Carry on Wayward Son" -- sang by Kansas. Not some Glee remake. She was incredulous that I had heard it before. he.

  6. The Elvis bit cracked me up. Clever girl getting married in 2000. He can never get away with 'I forgot' :)

  7. Ha ha ha about Elvis! And I still don't believe these cars that park themselves!

  8. Movies and Songs are being remade! It makes me feel like I'm in the twilight zone! Good list! No one would've ever thought that we'd be renting movies out of a "Vending machine" :)

  9. There are really cars that park themselves?! I totally need one of those. I CANNOT parallel park. There's always embarrassment involved...or I just give up and realize I didn't really need to stop for that thing I needed.

  10. Remakes of husband always has to make the comment "That's because nobody knows how to write anything good these days!" Annoying but true. :(


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