Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Shop Udate} ~ 7/7/11

Each Thursday I am going to dedicate a post to updating you on what is new and/or restocked in my "Colletta's Kitchen Sink" etsy shop.

Tomorrow, July 8th will be my 3 month-aversary of starting my etsy shop.  Last night I hit 60 sales!!!  60 sales in less than 3 months!  I am more than pleased.

I had some time this week to add some new colors to my Flower Clip collection and my Mug Cozy collection.  I also combined the two to make a Mug Cozy with Flower.  It really sets off the cozy and makes it girlier!

I showed all my new colors in yesterday's post about the flower clips.  You can go HERE to see them all.  This is the clip made in "Zebra".

I also added some bulk options with the Flower Clips that will give you a savings.  You can get any color combination in sets of 3, 5 or 10.  There are more solid colors in the listing, also.

All the flower clip options can be found in the "Hair Accessories" section of my shop.

This is one of the new Mug Cozy with Flower made in "Plum Pudding".  Isn't it cute.  I still have just the plain cozies listed also in case the flower accent just isn't your thing.

I also added a "Custom Team Spirit" cozy listing that I will make with the colors you specify according to your favorite teams/school colors. 
All my mug cozies can be found in the "Cozies" section of my shop.


Thank you all so much for supporting me on my blog and in my shop!
Have a great day!

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