Friday, September 28, 2012

Books Read by AUTHOR

(This list is a work-in-progress and only includes books I've read since I started blogging.  I will add links to reviews as time allows.  If you would like to see a certain review, please use the search link on my sidebar.)


Aiken, Ginny - Design on a Crime
Alexander, Tamera - The Inheritance
                                - Within My Heart
Allison, Ariel - Eye of the God


Bateman, Tracy - Defiant Heart
Bergren, Lisa T. - Waterfall
Boeshaar, Andrea - Love Finds You in Miracle Kentucky
Borchard, Therese - Beyond Blue
Brand, Irene - Love Finds You in Valentine Nebraska
Brant, Marilyn - A Summer in Europe
Brendan, Maggie - A Love of Her Own
                             - No Place for a Lady
Bricker, Sandra - Always the Baker Never the Bride
                           - Always the Wedding Planner Never the Bride
                           - Love Finds You in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
                           - Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida
                           - Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas
Brooke, Barbara - Glimmers
Brouwer, Sigmund - The Orphan King
Bryant, Kathy - Texas Roads
Burrows, Grace - Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal


Cabot, Amanda - Paper Roses
                           - Scattered Petals
                           - Tomorrow's Garden
Carlson, Melody - Christmas at Harrington's
                             - Love Finds You in Sister, Oregon
                             - River's End
Cameron, Barbara - Heart in Hand
Caroll, Robin - In the Shadow of Evil
Carter, Mary - The Things I Do For You
Castle, Richard - Nikki Heat
Childs, Laura - Death by Darjeeling
                        - Gunpowder Green
                        - Shades of Earl Grey
Clark, Minda Starns - Secrets of Harmony Grove
                                  - Shadow of Lancaster County
Clipston, Amy - A Gift of Grace
Coble, Colleen - Blue Moon Promise
                        - Safe In His Arms
                        - Smitten
                        - Secretly Smitten
Collins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games
Connealy, Mary - Cowboy Christmas
                           - The Husband Tree
                           - Montana Rose
                           - Wildflower Bride
Conrad, Hy - Things Your Dog Doesn't Want You to Know
Copeland, Lori - Twice Loved
                          - Three Times Blessed
                          - One True Love
Cote, Lyn - Desires of Her Heart
                 - Her Abundant Jo
                 - Her Inheritance Forever
Coty, Debora M. - Fear, Faith and a Fistful of Chocolate
Cushman, Kathryn - Waiting for Daybreak


Dacus, Kaye - Art of Romance
                      - A Case for Love
                      - Menu for Romance
Daley, Margaret - Shattered Silence
Darlington, C.J. - Bound by Guilt
                           - Thicker Than Blood
Daughety, Annalisa - Love Finds You in Lancaster Co, PA
                                 - Love is a Battlefield
                                 - Love is Monumental
Davis, Susan Page - Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island Canada
Dobson, Melanie - The Healer's Apprentice
                              - Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa
                              - Where the Trail Ends
Doughty, Catherine - Breast Cancer!...You're kidding right?


Eakes, Laurie Alice - Lady in the Mist
Elkink, Deb - The Third Grace
Ellis, Mary - A Widow's Hope


Ferrell, Miralee - Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon
                           - Love Finds You in Last Chance, California
                           - Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona
Fisher, Suzanne Woods - The Choice
                                        - The Waiting


Giammatteo, Giacomo - Murder Takes Time
Girardier, Marty - How Shall We Feed Them
Gist, Deanne - Beguiled
                      - Bride in the Bargain
                      - Love on the Line
                      - Maid to Match
Goyer, Tricia - LFYI Glacier Bay Alaska
                     - The Swiss Courier
Gray, Shelley Shepherd - Hidden
                                       - Wanted
Griffin, Pamela - Love Finds You in Hope, Kansas
Gruver, Marcia - Raider's Heart
Gunn, Robin Jones - Under a Maui Moon


Hake, Cathy Marie - Serendipity
Hake, Kelly Eileen - The Bride Backfire
                                - The Bride Blunder
                                - Rugged and Relentless
Hale, Shannon - Austenland
Hanna, Janice - Love Finds You in Camelot, Tennessee
                        - Love Finds You in Groom, Texas
                        - The Perfect Match
Hannon, Irene - Against All Odds
                        - An Eye for an Eye
Harris, Lisa - Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio
Harris, Yvonne - The Vigilante's Bride
Hatcher, Robin Lee - Belonging
                                 - Fit to Be Tied
                                 - A Matter of Character
                                 - A Vote of Confidence
                                 - When Love Blooms
Hauck, Rachel - Love Starts With Elle
Hechtman, Betty - Hooked on Murder
Hedlund, Jody - Unending Devotion
Heitzmann, Kristen - Indivisible
Higman, Anita - Love Finds You in Humble, Texas
                         - A Merry Little Christmas
Hodgson, Mona - Two Brides Too Many
Holle, Krista - The Lure of Shapinsay
Hunter, Denise - An Accidental Bride
                          - Cowboys Touch
                          - Driftwood Lane
                          - Finding Faith
                          - Mending Places
                          - Saving Grace
                          - Sweetwater Gap
                          - The Trouble With Cowboys



Jackson, Neta - The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down
James, Cara Lynn - Love on a Dime
Jensen, Laura - Becca By the Book
Jeschke, Melanie M. - Jillian Dare
John, Sally - After All These Years
                   - A Journey By Chance


Kent, Jillian - Secrets of the Heart
Kim, Penny - Desert Wedding
Kinnard, Deborah - Season's in the Mist
Klassen, Julie - The Apothecary's Daughter
                        - The Girl in the Gatehouse
                        - The Silent Governess
                        - The Tutor's Daughter
Kovic-Skow, Linda- French Illusions


Landis, Jill Marie - Heart of Stone
Leigh, Tamera - Leaving Carolina
Leon, Bonnie - Touching the Clouds
Lodge, Hillary Manton - Plain Jayne
                                       - Simply Sara
Long, Kelly - Sarah's Garden
Lough, Loree - Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska
                        - Love Finds You in Paradise PA
                        - A Man of Honor
Love, Dorothy - Every Perfect Gift
Ludwig, Elizabeth - Love Finds You in Calico California
                                - No Safe Harbor
Lynxwiler, Christine - Along Came a Cowboy
                                   - Cowgirl at Heart
                                   - The Reluctant Cowgirl


MacLaren, Sharlene - Abbie Ann
                                  - Hannah Grace
                                  - Maggie Rose
Macomber, Debbie - There's Something About Christmas
Mangum, Erynn - Match Point
                            - Miss Match
                            - Rematch
Mayne, Debbie - Love Finds You in Treasure Island, Florida
McDonough, Vickie - Anonymous Bride
                                   - Finally a Bride
McKinsey, R. - Sydney West
Mehl, Nancy - Inescapable
                     - Unbreakable
Messel, Greg - Last of the Seals
                      - Deadly Plunge
Mills, DiAnn - Attratcted to Fire
                       - Breach of Trust
                       - The Chase
                       - Sworn to Protect
                       - A Woman Called Sage
Mitchell, Siri - The Cubicle Next Door
                       - Kissing Adrien
                       - Moon Over Tokyo
Moceanu, Dominique - Off Balance
Mowery, Janelle - Love Finds You in Silver City, Idaho
                            - When All My Dreams Come True
                            - When Love Gets In the Way
Murray, Tamela Hancock - Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina


Noble, Diane - The Last Storyteller
Nowadnick, Deanna - Fruit of My Spirit


O'Rourke, Sally Smith - The Maidenstone Lighthouse
                                      - The Man Who Loved Jane Austen


Palmer, Catherine - The Heart's Treasure
Parr, Delia - Hearts Awakening
                   - Love's First Bloom
Perkins, Stephanie - Anna and the French Kiss
Perry, Marta - Leah's Choice
Perry, Trish - Beach Dreams
                    - The Perfect Blend
Peterson, Tracie - Taming the Wind
Pettrey, Dani - Submerged
Phillips, Krista - Sandwich With a Side of Romance


Quinn, Julia - A Night Like This
                     - Ten Things I Love About You


Raney, Deborah - Remember to Forget
Richer, Lois - Shadowed Secrets
Rigler, Laurie Viera - Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
                                  - Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict
Roberts, Nora - The Last Boyfriend
                        - The Next Always
                        - The Perfect Hope
Rogers, Martha - Becoming Lucy


Sawyer, Kim Vogel - Courting Miss Amsel
                                  - A Hopeful Heart
                                  - A Promise for Spring
Shepherd, Kandy - Love is a Four-Legged Word
Smith, Lori - A Walk With Jane Austen
Smith, Debra White - First Impressions
                                  - Northpointe Chalet
                                  - Possibilities
Smith, Virginia - Stuck in the Middle
Soto, Samantha - Before Ever After
Sparks, Nicholas - The Lucky One


Tang, Camy - Sushi for One?
Thompson, Janice - Fools Rush In
                               - Queen of the Waves
Tyndall, MaryLu (M.L) - The Falcon and the Sparrow
                                       - Surrender the Heart



Vogt, Beth K. - Wish You Were Here
Vogts, Deborah - Seeds of Summer
                           - Snow Melts in Spring


Warren, Susan May - Double Trouble
                                 - Escape to Morning
                                 - Expect the Sunrise
                                 - Finding Stefanie
                                 - Flee the Night
                                 - Happily Ever After
                                 - The Perfect Match
                                 - Tying the Knot
                                 - You Don't Know Me
Weaver, Joanna - At the Feet of Jesus
Whitson, Stephanie Grace - A Claim of Her Own
Windsor, Linda - Healer
                           - For Pete's Sake
                           - Wedding Bell Blues
Wingate, Lisa - Talk of the Town
                        Firefly Island
Wiseman, Beth - Plain Perfect
                          - Plain Pursuit
Witemyer, Karen - A Tailor-Made Bride
Woodsmall, Cindy - The Hope of Refuge



Y'barbo, Kathleen - The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper
Young, Pamela Samuels - Attorney-Client Privilege


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