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Book Review & Giveaway ~ "River's End" by Melody Carlson

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I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion about the book.


Now, my review:

Title:  "River's End"
Series:  The Inn at Shining Waters Book 3
Author:  Melody Carlson
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
Publication Date:  8/2012
Pages:  301
Buy From Amazon:  HERE

Book Description:

In the final story of the Inn at Shining Waters, Anna’s granddaughter Sarah is struggling to find herself. And in an attempt to escape her parents’ dysfunctional lives, Sarah travels away from all that is familiar. But her grandmother’s love and the pull of the river draw Sarah back. Still it’s not an easy journey to find the healing and forgiveness that’s needed to reunite and strengthen this broken family together again.
My Overall Feeling of the Book:

This was the perfect book to read while recovering from surgery.  The book, itself, is about healing.  Healing physically, emotinally, mentally and spiritually.  All aspects are covered.

Reading about the relationships and extended family history was so interesting to me.  A major theme was that life is constantly changing.  People and places never stay the same and this is something that we must learn to adjust to in life.  This was a sweet book about love, family and character.

I also love when book makes me want to do research on a particular place, time or event.  This book definitely did that!

My Favorite Character:

My favorite character is Anna.  She is the matriarch of the family and seems to be the person that connects and grounds the rest of the family to the Siuslaw River and the Inn.  She seems very wise, caring and loving but at times I felt that she was trying to direct everyone's lives a little too much.  By the end of the book, she learns that everyone needs to follow their own path.

My Favorite Scene:

My favorite scene is when, after two years of being missing, Sarah, (Anna's granddaughter)  makes her way home.  Anna is at the river thinking of Sarah on the morning of her birthday when she sees Sarah in a boat pulling up to the dock!

My Favorite Sentence/Paragraph:

"Hello, Bobby," she called out as she walked toward the dock to meet him.  "What are you doing out--"  She stopped herself as she stared in wonder at the waiflike, dark-haired girl huddled in the back of the boat.  Wrapped in an olive green woolen blanket, she looked at Anna with large, dark eyes.  Sad, hollow eyes.

"Sarah?"  Anna felt her heart give a lurch.  And suddenly she was running down the dock.  Blinking in disbelief, she stared at the girl.  "Is that you?  Sarah?"
It Would Have Been Better If:

There was a bit too much emphasis put on the River for me.  It was almost made to be a mystical being that called to the people who lived there or had ties there.  I've heard it said to worship the Creator and not the creation.  A bit more emphasis could have been on the Creator.

I Would Recommend This Book To:

History buffs, geography lovers, Native Americans, innkeepers, members of large extended families, those who have broken relationships in their family, boaters, canoers, fishermen, outdoors-people, builders, business owners.




Now, for the giveaway!

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  1. My best friend and I were both pastor's wives. We decided to have our own pastor wife retreat with just the two of us, at a craft festival in a rented cabin! It was wonderful, set to our schedule, our own fellowship with the Lord and each other. I'm now a missionary wife (same hubby) and they're retired!

  2. This series is new to me, but it has elements I love so i will add these to my list.

  3. nope but we have rented cottages on the cape, one was right on a lake, very peaceful - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  4. nope but we have rented cottages on the cape, one was right on a lake, very peaceful - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com


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