Thursday, June 18, 2020

Book Review ~ The Duke's Second Chance by Jen Geigle Johnson


Title:  The Duke's Second Chance by Jen Geigle Johnson
Series:  Lords for the Sisters of Sussex #1
Pages:  160
Date Published:  October 8, 2019


Second chances often come from surprising places. Will the Duke find another chance at love when everything seems to be combining against him?

Gerald feels as though he’s lost everything when his wife takes her last breath.

Amelia’s world turns upside down when the Duke of Granbury steps into her tea shop and leaves with her heart.

But when a secret from Amelia’s past unveils possibilities, will the duke get a second chance at love from an unexpected source?
My Thoughts:
I don't know what to write about my thoughts on this novel.  A word that keeps coming to mind is "strange" but in a good way!

There were times when I wondered where the author, who is new to me, was going to go next in the story.

The Duke was so confused...  He honestly didn't know what he was doing and really couldn't be blamed.  I don't want to reveal too much or spoil the book for anyone, so I'll leave it at that.

I thoroughly enjoyed Amelia's character.  She was very down-to-earth, gentle, kind and understanding if not a bit of a romantic.

I found it strange that this is the first book in the "Lords for the Sisters of Sussex" and yet we barely met the sisters.  This was great for back story but it almost felt like it should have been #0.5.  A prequel, if you will.

I also enjoyed Lord Morley's (the duke's best friend) character and am pleased to find that he is featured in the second book of this series!  I already have it loaded on my kindle.

There are 5 Sisters of Sussex and I look forward to reading them all :)

I read this book through Kindle Unlimited.

On to the next book!


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