Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Getting to Know My TV Binge Watch ~ 6/10/20

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Today’s questions is – What TV show would you binge watch right now?

My Answer - 

My absolute favorite show this past season was Prodigal Son!

Prodigal Son (TV series) - Wikipedia

I impatiently waited for each Monday night to roll around so that I could watch the newest episode as it aired!  I never do that.  I always just watch the DVR'd episodes of my go-to shows at my leisure.

I saw every single episode of Prodigal Son but I would gladly binge watch the entire season again.  I'm sure there was so much that I missed.

The season finale was definitely a cliff-hanger!  I will be extremely upset if the show isn't renewed for at least one more season :(  I've got to know what happens!

What show would you binge watch?



  1. This show looks interesting! What station is this on? I'll have to look it up!

    I wrote all about mine in the blog! But for me its MacGyver the new version!

    1. I'm not certain what channel it was on but you should definitely try to watch it! It was mesmerizing! lol


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