Monday, January 18, 2016

Make it Monday ~ Larksfoot ~ 1/18/16

The Larksfoot Inspired Square is the January 2016 BAMCAL 12 inch filler block.  You can find the free pattern HERE

The first block I completed is in my "Red Magnolia Splash" colorway.  I used an I hook instead of the recommended J hook and ended up having to make the last row of the pattern a dc instead of a sc and also had to add an hdc row.

It took me a second to figure out the Larksfoot row and I ended up frogging it the first time!  After I realized that I needed to crochet into the previous stitch rather than the space made by the chain, I was good to go :)

My second block went a lot smoother as I already had the pattern figured out.  My only problem was deciding what color to put where.  It really is a struggle!

This one is crocheted in my "Colorful" colorway.

So which block to you like better?  The "Red Magnolia Splash" or the "Colorful"?

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  1. Cute crochet block. I like both color combinations.

  2. They're both pretty but I think colourful edges it for me , it reminds me of the embers of an open fire!


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