Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thirteen ~ TBR Shelf Part 2 ~ 36/14


A list of 13....

"Books On My TBR Shelf - Part 2"

1.  A Penny for Your Thoughts by Mindy Starns Clark

2.  Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels by Mindy Starns Clark

3.  Under the Cajun Moon by Mindy Starns Clark

4.  Whispers of the Bayour by Mindy Starns Clark

5.  Love in Disguise by Carol Cox

6.  Follow the Heart by Kaye Dacus

7.  A Wedding to Remember in Charleston, SC by Annalisa Daughety

8.  The Lady's Maid by Susan Page Davis

9.  Maggie's Journey by Lena Nelson Dooley

10.  Choices of the Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes

11.  Don't Look BAck by Lynette Eason

12.  A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason

13.  Fairer Than Morning by Rosslyn Elliott


  1. Hmm. I see some titles I think I should add to my to-read-list. Thanks.

  2. Oh dear. No titles or authors with whom I am familiar. Need to catch up!

  3. I like the titles on the first four. I'll have to check her out.


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