Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Movie Review ~ Love's Everlasting Courage

Love's Everlasting Courage (2011) Poster


Clark Davis (Wes Brown) struggles to maintain his land and support his family during a long drought. With a bank loan to repay, his wife, Ellen (Julie Mond), takes a job in town as a seamstress, but soon becomes ill with scarlet fever. Eventually, she dies, telling Clark to leave his heart open for Missie's sake and to find love again. Devastated to lose his beloved wife, Clark and his young daughter Missie (Morgan Lily) turn to his parents Irene and Lloyd for support.

Clark Davis - Wes Brown
Ellen Barlow - Julie Mond
Missy Barlow - Morgan Lily
Lloyd Davis - Bruce Boxleitner
Irene Davis -  Cheryl Ladd

My Overall Thoughts:

This is the second "prequel" in the Love Saga.

I found this movie to be very sad.  Clark and Ellen have fallen on hard times and then Ellen becomes sick.  It doesn't have a happy ending, but we already knew that from "Love Comes Softly."

It does have a very strong message of enduring through trials and facing one obstacle at a time.

My Favorite Scenes(s):

I couldn't find a picture of it but my favorite scene is when it finally rains.  Clark and everyone else goes out into the rain.  Clark just lifts up his arms and soaks it in!

Watch This Movie With:

Anyone.  Friends, family, adults, children...

Other Notes:

-  I didn't read the book so I can't do a comparison.

My Rating:



Have you seen this movie or read the book?  What did you think?

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  1. I've seen the movie, and though it wasn't my favorite out of all of them. These movies have definitely impacted me.


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