Monday, March 18, 2013

Listicles ~ The Hubby ~ 3/18/13

"10 Reasons My Husband is Great"

1.  He picked me!

2.  He is an awesome dad!

3.  Whatever Lettie wants, Lettie gets!  (Yeah, that's me :)

4.  He is such a hard worker!

5.  He loves us!

6.  He is a Christian!

7.  He loves my parents!

8.  He brings me home Reese Cups!

9.  His arm pits smell great!  (after putting on deodorant!)

10.  He's mine :)


Happy Monday!


  1. Love it. Ditto to #3 only thing is I have to beg really hard if its major.

  2. LOVE your number three! Why didn't I think of that? Happy Monday babe!

  3. I think #10 is my favorite. But the deodorant one was hilarious. :)

  4. #3 made me laugh out loud! That's a grand partner right there.

  5. This is great! Absolutely wonderful!

  6. #1 and #10 are the best....and the fact that he brings you Reese Cups!


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