Thursday, July 19, 2012

Its OK ~ 7/19/12

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK be really, really tired this morning.

...that I completely destroyed my nails last night by biting them all off.

...that I never get the laundry 100% done. just not feel like cooking when it is almost 100 F. pamper myself when I feel PMS-y. enjoy some Cookie Dough Ice Cream every now and then. keep this short today. go back to bed for a bit have a great day!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Nailbiting stinks. I started a long time ago and got rid of the nailbiting but traded it out for cuticle picking. And yea, it's ok. When I need some ice cream, I'm a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia kind of gal. Found you via the linkup!

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  4. I'm really tired this morning too, thank goodness for coffee! It's okay to bit your nails off, I do it ALL the time.

  5. Seriously! I can't bring myself to do a damn thing when it is this hot!

    Love your blog girl! Stop by and say hi sometime!


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