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Book Review: "Her Inheritance Forever" by Lyn Cote

Her Inheritance Forever (Texas: Star of Destiny, Book 2)

Title:  "Her Inheritance Forever"
Series:  Texas Star of Destiny Book 2
Author:  Lyn Cote
Publisher:  Avon Inspire
Publication Date:  8/18/2009
Pages:  292
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Book Description (Amazon):

In 1836 Texas, Alandra Sandoval is the lady of Rancho Sandoval, determined to prove to a doubting world that a woman alone can run a ranch as well as any man. But when Comanches attack her ranch and kidnap her, Alandra must admit she needs protection. A top hand at a nearby ranch, Scully Falconer, is chosen for the task and though Alandra tries to pretend she doesn't need his help, he quietly stays by her side.

Though they believe their paths to be worlds apart, the rugged American cowboy with a troubled past and the proud lady of Mexican descent are united when Alandra's greedy relatives burst into their lives. And when General Santa Anna's army crosses the Rio Grande—marching toward a rendezvous with destiny at the Alamo—Alandra and Scully are swept up together in the tide of history...and their world will never be the same.

My Overall Feeling of the Book:

This was the second book of the "Texas Star of Destiny" series.  I read it as part of the "All Series, All Summer 2012".

I loved learning the history of Texas and the wars with Mexico.  The Alamo, Jim Bowie, Sam Houston and others make an appearance in this book.  Santa Anna Army travels through Rancho Sandoval and I just found it so interesting!

I love history.  What more can I say?

My Favorite Character:

In this book, my favorite character is Scully Falconer.  He's every bit the hero.  He is a rough and tough angloamericano cowboy who goes off to war to keep his home and family safe and free.   Yummy!

My Favorite Scene:

My favorite scene is the description of the courtyard at Rancho Sandoval.  Oh how I wish it were mine!

My Favorite Sentence/Paragraph:
Alandra's emotions were so mixed and so many that she could not untangle them.  All she knew for sure was that she did not want Scully to go to war.  Turning, she wrapped her arms around his chest and clung to him.  Do not leave me.  Do not go toward danger.  She though the words but could not say them as she rubbed her face against the soft wool of his poncho.
Page 124

It Would Have Been Better If:

The romance in this book was good but so quick!

I Would Recommend This Book To:

Texans, ranchers, military women and wives, nurses, history buffs.



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