Thursday, July 19, 2012

Throwback and the Review Pile ~ 7/19/12

The read and the unread.

We hope to be able to bring attention to some older titles (released 5 or more years ago) that may not be at the top of the current bestseller list, but still deserve a spot in your To-Be-Read pile.


Author:  S.E. Hinton
Publication Date: 6/1982

I remember this book like it was yesterday!

Easygoing, thoughtless, and direct, Tex at fifteen likes everyone and everything, especially his rambling rodeo-riding father; his horse, Negrito; and Johnny Collins's blue-eyed sister, Jamie. He thinks life with his older brother in their ramshackle house would be just about perfect if only Mace would stop complaining about Pop and forget all his schemes to leave Oklahoma.

When Pop stays away too long and forgets to send money altogether, Mace starts to rule the house with an iron fist. Even worse, he reveals a fact about Tex that ends his easygoing days forever.

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The aim is to showcase books that you've received but haven't yet got around to reading.

Not This Time (Crossroads Crisis Center, Bk 3)

"Not This Time"
Series:  Crossroads Crisis CenterBook 3
Author:  Vicki Hinze
Publication Date:  2/21/2012
Relationships are fragile things, especially at Crossroads Crisis Center. Beth believes her best friend and business partner, Sara, is married to an unscrupulous man. Sara disagrees, and the resulting friction between the two women becomes almost unbearable for Beth. Tensions rise even more when Sara's husband goes missing and is presumed dead -- and Beth appears guilty of his murder.

In her attempt to prove herself innocent and help Sara see the truth, Beth calls on Joe, a special ops member and a man she loves although she shouldn't. Together, they discover an international link to NINA, the most feared terrorist group in the world, and realize the head of the group is among their closest friends; but which one?


I look forward to getting lots of great book ideas for my TBR from everyone's Throwbacks and Review Pile.

Happy Reading!

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