Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Blogging Challenge ~ Paperback, Ebook or Audio? ~ 11/17/2021

This week's topic is:  

Paperback, Ebook or Audio??:

I used to be a paperback reader only and I swore that would never change...


I read my first ebook which I downloaded for free onto my Kindle!  I soon signed up for Kindle Unlimited and haven't really looked back.

As for audio:  I  haven't really given it a try so I can't say if I would like it or not.

So, what about you?  Paperback, ebook or audio??



  1. When it comes to audiobooks, be sure to listen to the sample before buying - the narrator is EVERYTHING!

    My post.

  2. Yeah, the narrator can make or break an audiobook. But with a good narrator and the right situation -- say, a long car trip -- audiobooks can be really great! I'm mostly eBooks, though, just because I only have so much room on the shelves.

  3. I will say yes, I agree with the above the narrator can make or break the book when it comes to audio but I also have narrators that I have completely fallen in love with and search out other books they have done that I might not have read (or listened to) otherwise because I love their style of reading.

  4. I agree that the narrator can make or break an audiobook. I listened to one where the narrator was terrible at character voices and it definitely jarred.


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