Saturday, January 2, 2021

Saturday at the Shop ~ 1/2/2021

Below are some of the listings in my shop.  Just click on the picture to go to the listing.  I also love to make custom orders!  You can email me at .


I didn't get anything new finished this week to list.  I'm so close to being finished with a Yellow Prayer Shawl but decided to not push myself or give myself a deadline of getting it done.  I'll probably finish it up this weekend, so be looking for it to be featured next week.

This week I thought I'd feature a few of the items already in my shop READY TO SHIP and with FREE SHIPPING!

The first listing is for a Pink Triangle Prayer Shawl in a Pink Ombre yarn.  I really enjoyed creating this shawl.  The pattern was fun and easy to make.

Next is a Dr. Seuss inspired baby blanket.  I love the combination of red and turquoise!

And last is an Americana Apron.  The pattern is really cute and the apron strings are extra long for comfort and flexibility.

I hope you'll stop by MY SHOP and give it some love!


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