Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thankful Thursday ~ 7/30/20

Here are some things that made me thankful this week:

~ Camping!  We went camping for three days and two nights at our local State Park Campground.  We had a great time as always even though setup and tear down are hard work.  We had some of Laken's friends over to the camp on Friday and they had such a good time together. :)\

~Good Doctor's Appt!  The hubby had a yearly physical (first one in 13 years!).  He needed refills on his inhaler that he got at MedExpress and also some spots on his back looked at.  Thankfully, the dr. doesn't think the spots are of any concern!  Just some old sun damage.  Doug also agreed to get some bloodwork done.  I'm praying that he doesn't pass out! The dr. told him "See you next year!"

~New Planner!  I'm getting lots of appointment cards piling up for after January 1st so I decided to look for a new planner so I can write them in.  I found one that says "Life is a beautiful ride" and the main color throughout is my favorite: turquoise.  I can't wait to start writing in it :)

~Lilah's Eye is Healing!  We had Lilah to the vet for another recheck of the ulcer that formed on her eye.  The vet said that the ulcer is almost healed and that it will get even better with continued use of the eye drops.  We need to take her back to the vet once more just to be sure it is still on the mend and then she should be good to go.  Or stay.  At home.  Where she likes it :)

What are you thankful for this week? 


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  1. OHH - you're going to have go join in my link in with the planner that is the 3rd wednesday of the month ;)


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