Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fall Into Reading Challenge 2019 ~ Check In ~ Week 7
I'm so excited to be hosting the

It will run from September 1st - November 30th

The Challenge is super simple and there is still time to join in:

Here's the Sign-up post !

Here's the Landing Page where you can see the participant's!

You can read about my goal HERE!

Each week, on Saturday, I'll have a Check In post where we can link up any reviews written about our Fall Into Reading 2019 books.  You can leave a link to your Check In post or you can also stop by just to say "Hey!" and let us know how you're doing with the Challenge.  We're even going to have prizes and giveaways!

My Check In:

I didn't do any better this week with my reading.  :(

I think I'm going to move on to the next book on my shelf and hope that it will give me the inspiration to stay up late and read a bit each night :)

That book will be:

I can't wait to read everyone's Check In Posts and Reviews!
Remember, it isn't too late to join the challenge!  We still have plenty of Fall left :)
Happy Reading!



  1. Didn’t do much reading either. No review to post.

  2. My local library had a reading challenge this year. It's called Extreme Book Nerd, and the goal was to read 50 books in 50 different genre in 50 weeks. (They assigned different genre/categories). A book a week isn't realistic for me, but I signed up anyhow, and I was way off track by April. I have set my own goal to read 30 books this year, and so far, I'm on track to do that.


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