Monday, September 30, 2019

September 2019 ~ Goals Update

I know I just posted my September Goals last week (a bit late) but I wanted to let you know how I did.

~ Have a Daily Devotion Time

For the most part this has been a success.  I started using a daily devotional journal from Janice Thompson called "From God's Word to a Woman's Heart" and have been enjoying it.  It is just the right length each day to fit my schedule but still feel like I've done a devotional time.  I would like to add in more Scripture reading each day and will be working on that.

~ Lose 8.4 lbs for the 3% Challenge

I don't want to call this a fail because I did lose 6.4 lbs in September.  BUT... I didn't hit my goal of 8.4 lbs.  2 lbs short :(  Onto October's 3% Challenge!

~ Celebrate our 19th Anniversary

We celebrated our 19th Anniversary with a date!  Just the two of us!  We went to Applebee's and had a very nice time together :)

~ Finish Brian and Rachel's Wedding Afghan

I didn't get Brian and Rachel's Wedding Afghan done in time for the actual Wedding on September 7th, so I set my goal to get it finished by the time they got back from their Honeymoon.  Success!  I finished it up while they were still away and had it ready to give them when they got back.  I was so anxious to give it to them that I forgot to get a picture of the finished afghan!  I'll have to have Rachel take a picture for me so that I can document it.

~ Finish Layna Bee's Baby Blanket

I finally finished Layna Bee's Blanket!  She's already 3 months old so I'm just a bit behind.  I used the Beautiful Shells pattern and think it turned out lovely!


~ Make an appt for an Eye Exam and get new contacts

Done.  Pretty straightforward :)  In fact, my eyes didn't change very much at all this year and I've stayed with the same prescription in both contacts and glasses.

~ Start growing hair out

I have a pretty short pixie-ish cut but want to grow my hair out to at least the length of this picture.  I met with our new stylist, Corinne, and told her what I wanted to do.  I got the tiniest bit of trim on the back of my hair with a plan to grow it out.  I'm exited to get some length to the sides so I can start wearing it curly again.

~ Get a new Planner

I wanted to get a new planner because (as much as I can't believe it)  I've started making appointments for the year 2020 and wanted to be able to keep track of everything.  I found this planner at Wal-Mart and absolutely love it!  It has a prayer and Bible verse each week that I really enjoy and it was only around $8.00!

Overall, I'm pleased with my progress this month.  I'll be posting my October goals tomorrow, so stay tuned :)


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  1. looks like you have done a great job. beautiful blankets and i love that hair sytle
    sherry @ fundinmental


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