Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Teaser Tuesday ~ Tide and Tempest ~ 1/16/18


My teaser for this week is from:


 "Captain Morgan?  Sir?"

Keondric Morgan glared over his shoulder at the deckhand waving furiously at him from the bow of the Caitriona Marie.  He slowed his steps, halting the rhythmic cadence of his feet against the gangplank.  "What now, Donal?"

His fingers beat with irritation against the pouch strapped to his side.  He had somewhere to be, and if he had to mind every move his crewmen made, he'd never get there.

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  1. Oh, I can really feel his impatience. I can relate! Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “GENUINE FRAUD”

  2. Gorgeous cover. I liked the teaser you shared. I see it is the 3rd book of a series.

    1. Yes, and the first two books of the series were great!

  3. Ive not heard of this series before. I'm liking the writing already.

    My TT from Murder With Ganache

  4. Thanks for sharing! I've added these three books to my TBR list.
    Here's my Teaser Tuesday from Among the Dead by J.R. Backlund

  5. I don't mind series books as long as they don't leave you hanging. Great teaser and I like the cover. Here's my link for today: https://wp.me/p4DMf0-1BP

  6. Seems like the linky on I'd Rather Be At the Beach is out of date. Here's my link for today, Apr. 30/19: https://wp.me/p4DMf0-1F1


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